Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Third Class Session - Tuesday September 3

Technology demo - it would be good for you to bring a laptop if you can, so you can follow along that way.

We'll also review/extend the discussion from the first week so that everyone is up to speed.

pptx file

pdf file

YouTube video of slideshow

Friday, August 23, 2013

Excel Homework On Efficiency Concepts Due - Wednesday September 3 at 11 PM

After completing the workbook on efficiency concepts and getting all answers correct please be sure to access the form and enter your information there to get credit.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second Class Session - Thursday August 29

M&R Chapter 1, historical examples of different organization structures as ways to innovate on previous structures and changes in the economic environment.  B&D Chapter 1, the four frames.

Please also review this PowerPoint (I think you will like the music). It's also important to read through the annotated notes, as the economics is there.  We'll review this example first since it should be pretty familiar.  Then the other examples from M&R will be easier to digest.

pptx file

pdf file

YouTube of slidehow

Prompt For Blog Post Due Friday September 6 at Noon

In this first post I'd like you to write something about the economist from whom your alias has been derived - a bio sketch if you will.  My preference is for you to find a source other than Wikipedia.  If you can find multiple other sources, all the better.  If you can find a photo of the person, include that.  Include why this person's work is important, whether you knew about the person before you were assigned this alias, and whether the person's work is relevant for the economics to be discussed in our course.  Please note that this post is meant mainly as an ice breaker and to verify that you can get your blog to work, so don't stress out too much on the content otherwise.

Midterm 1 - October 17 - During Regularly Scheduled Class Meeting Time

This is a closed book closed notes exam.

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Class Session - Tuesday August Twentyseven

We will do some examples of Economics of Organizations issues.  They examples should be familiar to you, but perhaps you haven't thought about things this way before.  Then we'll do a brief overview of the class.

PowerPoint to be reviewed before session:

Actual pptx file.  In slideshow mode the presentation plays automatically and has musical accompaniment.  In Normal mode look for the extensive annotations in the Notes pane.  (In the preview the Notes pane is not available.  You must download the file to access this.)

PDF file.  Here the preview shows in the annotations.  But the hyperlinks don't work.

YouTube of slideshow.  You can view the slideshow online this way.  But the annotations aren't there.